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Advanced Manufacturing

Establish a more diversified and resilient advanced manufacturing sector to ensure long-term regional economic vitality while also leveraging existing robust regional aerospace and automotive manufacturing sectors and expertise.


Simulation & Training

The complexity and volume of simulation-based learning programs have increased dramatically over the last decade, presenting several major challenges for those who lead and manage simulation programs and centers.


Power and Battery Tech

Innovations in any one of these can benefit all markets. As an example, patenting activity in the manufacturing and engineering of battery cells has grown to three times its size in the past decade. In 2018, half of all battery-related IPFs concerned manufacturing and engineering.



Intelligent, networked powertrain electronics are key elements of efficient and clean propulsion in modern vehicles. While this was already true on internal combustion engine (ICE) based powertrains, the trend is even more prominent in HEVs and EVs.



Innovations in cybersecurity are laying new foundations to defend against unwanted attacks on business networks. The adoption of new working environments during the Covid crisis made the role of cybersecurity even more vital than before. The acceleration of digital transformation, as well as the development of innovative technologies affected the current situation by raising the number of cyberattacks at a record high. 



The machines have long since left the confines of research labs to explore new realms. They are anticipated to continue their massive spread into pharmacies, the automobile industry, and other industries. Numerous robots are already helping to improve product quality and reduce turnaround times in the manufacturing industry.


Autonomous Vehicles

What will living in this new world of driverless vehicles mean for the auto industry, for insurance, as well as for broader society and the economy as a whole? And what can other industries learn from how car manufacturers are responding to this new technology?


Research & Development

keep a business competitive by providing insights into the market and developing new services / products or improving existing ones accordingly.


Defense Technology

We provide a two-way communication between the innovation community and the DoD/IC, enabling members to expand their capabilities, get a better understanding of the innovation targets established by DoD and the IC, and enable the Department to better channel innovation energy in line with national security and the National Defense Strategy.

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